Portable Pump V20D2S


1. Unique Auto Choke Carburetor
With TOHATSU’s unique auto choke carburetor on this model, the engine can start easier in all seasonal temperature conditions.
A valve type one touch-draining device is equipped for quick drainage of fuel in carburetor

2. Oilless Type Vacuum Pump
Tohatsu’s rotary vane vacuum pump can assure you quick priming of water in case of emergency
5.0 sec. at suction height 1 m
6.0 sec. at suction height 3 m
10.0 sec. at suction height 4 m
This rotary vane vacuum pump is able to lift water up to 9 meter (29.5 feet)

3. Centralized Control
Pressure and vacuum gauges, throttle dial and switches are located at the control panel, and number labels indicate proper order of operation

4. Stainless Steel Fuel Tank
Integrated stainless steel fuel tank can keep fuel prevent contamination from corrosion

5. 90 Degree Rotating Discharge Port
The discharge port rotates freely through 90 degree allowing the direction of the delivery hose to be easily changed without moving the pump unit

6. Starting System
In addition to the electric starter, a recoil starter is installed to guarantee starting under any condition (V20D2S). The pulling load of the recoil starter is reduced by engine exhaust by pass
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