Portable Pump VF53AS


1. Low Emission
CO emission lowered by 43%. HC and NOx lowered by 90%*
2. Low Noise and Vibration
Lower noise (Reduced by 9dB*) and less vibration does not interfere with speech communication during operation
3. Excellent Fuel Economy
Electrically controlled fuel injection helps optimum fuel supply depending on engine speed, maximizing lower fuel consumption
4. Engine Overheat Protection Sensor
Engine overheat protection device is provided on this model to safeguard against cooling water loss and protect engine when water is not discharged. This device shuts off engine automatically when engine temperature reaches 80oC. Reset switch is provided
5. Electrically Controlled Fuel Injection
Electrically controlled fuel injection secures reliable engine starting under and weather condition even in the event of low battery power
6. Auto Priming System
Rotary pane vacuum pump is automatically activated after engine starts and cut off once priming is completed
7. Double Swived Outlets Rotating within a 90 degree
*Note: Numerical date are comparison with our two stroke models operating at 0.4 MPa

1.200 lt/min @ 0.6 Mpa (6 Bar)
950 lt/min @ 0.8 Mpa (8 Bar)
700 lt/min @ 1.0 Mpa (10 Bar)
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