10 Liter Backpack

The Firexpress fire fighting backpack is a self-contained unit with 10 litres capacity for premixed water and foam. The unit is driven by compressed air delivered from a composite material air tank filled to 300 bars. The atomization and aspiration are made by the use of the compressed air. A pressure safety valve (370 bars) is mounted in the valve of the air tank.

The pressure of the air is reduced to 8.5 bars in a pressure regulator before it enters the water tank. A pressure safety valve (12 bars) is mounted in the pressure regulator. When the air enters the water tank, it forces the water downwards and up into a tube inside the water tank and into a 1.2 metre discharge hose, which is connected to the Firexpress lance.

The lance is operated via a pistol grip. The lance used with the backpack is a shorter version of the normal Firexpress lance designed for easier manoeuvring in confined areas but with almost all the same features and benefits.

As the water supplied to the discharge hose originates from the bottom of the water tanks, only water is supplied into the hose. No air is forced into the hose as long as there is water in the tanks.

It is able to deliver more than 10 litres per minute at a range of 6-7 metres in spray mode or more than 24 litres per minute at a range of 16 metres in jet mode.

The backpack is the optimal solution when the fire fighter has to get to the fire through very narrow passageways like corridors on a ship or staircases in a building.
» Brand and Model : Firexpress Backpack 10-2 with Firexpress patented “CAFS” system
» Mist Technology : Atomization & aspiration through compressed atmospheric air
» Pressure Source : 3.0 litre air tank made of carbon composite fibre for 300 bar pressure
» Working Pressure: Preset at 8.5 bars
» Spray Device : Short Firexpress lance with dual nozzle
» Lance Measurement : 65 cm long
» Spray Options : Spray and jet
» Stream Options : Continuous stream or manual pulsing
» Water/foam Cylinder : 10 litre water/foam tank made of a stainless steel
» Flow : More than 10 litres per min. at spray mode. More than 24 litres per min. at jet mode
» Operating Time : Less than 24 sec at jet mode. Less than 60 sec at spray mode
» Lancing Distance : 16 m at jet mode. 6-7 m at spray mode
» Recommended Foam Solution : 3% AR-AFFF (alcohol resistant) foam solution, premixed in water
» Discharge Hose : 1.2 metre ½” hose
» Hose Type : Oil and temperature resistant (-40° C up to +100° C) as per type 2TE of EN 854 standard
» Carrying Device : Ergonomic designed back shield with adjustable shoulder and waist straps
» Safety Features : Pressure safety valve (12 bar) for water tanks Pressure safety valve (370 bar) for air tank
» Optional Accessories : Air tank, filling kit, valve with pressure gauge for air tank, cleaning tip
» Dimensions (D x W x H) : 22 x 35 x 70 cm with 3.0 litre air tank for use without breathing apparatus
» Weight : 26.8 kg fully operational
» Fire Fighting Capability and Certifications : Able to fight class A, B, C and E fires. Tested according to EN 3-7 standard. Electrical fires up to 10,000 volts
» Country of Origin : Denmark (EU)
» Manufacturer Standard : EN 854, ISO 9001, Directive 2006/42/EC