600 Liter Tank with Pump Driven Unit

The Firexpress 600 litre tank with a pump driven unit is a self-contained system suitable for use in many locations.

The unit has as standard a Honda GX 160 4.8 HP petrol engine, but can be fitted with either a Lombardini 15 LD 315 6.8 HP diesel engine or a 4.0 HP standard electrical engine (3 x 400 volt AC, 3KW). The engine drives a self priming membrane pump preset at 37 bars. It has an integrated 600 litre water tank and foam system with a 12 litre container for AFFF foam.

The system can have a secondary foam system installed to either increase the quantity of fire fighting foam or for carrying detergent/hazmat foam. Via a selector switch, it is possible to choose using foam from either foam containers or no foam at all. The foam percentage can be preset between 1 and 6% depending on the selected orifice.

From the pump the water is forced into a 50 metre hose, which is connected to the lance. The lance is operated via a pistol grip. The hose can be extended up to a length of 100 metres.

It is able to deliver 24 litres of water per minute or 120 litres of aspirated foam per minute at a range of 15 metres. Baffle plates are installed inside the tank to increase stability during transport.

A suction system for suction of water from external water sources such as rivers, lakes, the sea or other water sources can be installed. The system can be used simultaneous with using the fire fighting system or to fill the water tank in approx. 16 minutes.

The tank unit can be placed on the platform of a pick-up or in a central location to cover a large area, e.g. inside a building. The tank unit can either be mounted with a full frame for airlifting or a bottom frame for enabling transport by a fork lift.
» Engine Type : Honda GX 160 4.8 HP petrol engine with both electric and manual start (standard)
» Engine Performance : 3,600 revolutions per minute
» Engine Fuel Tank Capability : 3.6 litres, sufficient for 3 hours of operation at full output
» Pump : Self priming membrane pump
» Pump Pressure : Preset at 37 bars (recommended pressure)
» Nozzle : Firexpress’ patented dual nozzle
» Nozzle Pressure : 23 bars at pump pressure of 37 bars and 50 metre hose
» Lance Measurements : 104 cm long, 4 kg
» Spray Options : Micro-drops or jet stream of aspirated foam as selected by operator with instant change
» Stream Options : Continuous stream or manual pulsing
» Range : 15 metres (micro-drops and foam) at 50 metre hose
» Drop Size (Micro-Drops) : 7-100 microns
» Water Tank : 600 litre fibre glass tank, sufficient water for 25 minutes on constant spray
» Filling of Water Tank : 25 cm hole at the top with filter for dump filling
» Flow : 24 litres per min. (micro-drops), 120 litres per min. (aspirated foam)
» Foam System : Integrated foam system with 12 litre foam container
» Recommended Foam Solution : 3% AR-AFFF (alcohol resistant) foam solution
» Foam Expansion : Low expansion rate, approximately 1:5
» Hose : 50 metre ½” hose on reel with manual rewind
» Hose Type: Oil and temperature resistant (-40° C up to +100° C) according to EN 854
» Corrosion Resistance : Housing of pump driven unit – powder coated aluminium. Base plate of pump driven unit – stainless steel type AISI 304. Water tank – fibre glass
» Accessories : Secondary foam system, lance with cavity spear, lance with cleaning nozzle, flat jet spray adapter for penetration of forest floor, hose up to 100 metres, orifice for adjusting foam percentage, full steel frame for airlifting, steel bracket for transport by fork lift, suction system with 5 meter 1” hose and floating filter with stainless steel mesh for sucking up water from external water sources (filling speed is 38 litres per minute, full tank is achieved in 16 minutes), Storz coupling for fast filling
» Dimensions (D x W x H) : 128 x 101 x 77 cm
» Weight : 178 kg empty (pump driven unit, hose reel with 50 metre hose, lance, water tank)
» Fire Fighting Capability : Able to fight class A, B, C and E fires. Tested according to EN 3-7 standard. Approved for electrical fires up to 10,000 volts