Fire Alarm System PTW-4000

PTW-4000 Series modular design provides almost limitless freedom to configure local, group and global control, notification and annunciation where it is needed – including the ability to configure up to 7 LCD display/ control chassis in a single node. PTW-4000 unique system architecture provides market-leading performance and economy in the widest range of different system configurations. PTW-4000 complies with the latest fire codes and standards, for control units (listed with UL 864, 10th Edition) and installation (NFPA).
» Addressable fire detection system
» Addressable fire detection and audio system
» Network notification system
» Network fire detection and audio system
» PTW-4000 Devices
» Up to 63 system nodes with over 50,000 watts of power
» Peer-to-peer network communications
» One-man and Assisted Walk test
» Digital Audio and Telephone bus over shared network cable
» Synchronized evacuation zone signaling
» Voice message priority according to risk analysis and emergency response plan
» Visual notification and strobes appliance support
» Public Address/Voice Address (PAVA) system
» Job File Management system capable of storing up to 3 separate configuration files
» Single point software & configuration network broadcast capability with zero life safety down time