Forestry Monitor 3462

The 3462 provides an extremely rugged durable design ideal for brush and wildland firefighting.This compact monitor features a fully sealed integrated electrical control system with water-proof locking connectors for all motors, power and control connections to withstand harshenvironments. The high speed motors provide proportional speed control for pinpoint streampositioning and accuracy. With a wide range of available nozzles, the 3462 is ideal for use inwater, foam and CAFS applications.
Style Weight lbs. (kg) Height Width Depth Inlet Outlet FLow (GPM) FLow (LPM)
3462 23** (10.4 kg) 13 3/16”* (33.5 cm) 11 9/16” (29.4 cm) 8 29/32” (22.6 cm) 2” NPT (5 cm) 1 ½” (3.8 cm) 300 1140

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