Vehicle Mounted Pump NP4000

JOHSTADT Fire Fighting Centrifugal Pump EN 1028 made of seawater-resistant aluminium alloy or gun-metal/bronce with pump shaft made of stainless steel, mechanical seal, bearing without oilDrive: Flange or hydraulic motorRotation: clockwise

Priming system
VACUMAT plus – automatic controlled JOHSTADT pri-ming pump, disengageable, suction lift 0...8 m, oilfree, maintenance free, pressure free

Modular System
Flexible adaption of suction inlet and pressure outlet to customers specification

3000...4000 l/min at 10 bar and 3 m suction lift(Nominal speed: 2750...2800/min)

Suction inlet
Basis: • 1 x suction inlet NW 150, flange
Option: • Modular system

Pressure outlet
Basis: • 1 x pressure outlet NW 125, flange
Option: • Modular system
Foam System (foam mixer, foam proportioning, air foam system), panel, pump pressure control

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