Portable Pump VE1500W

Tohatsu FE1500W

Performance at suction height 3m
2050 lt/min @ 0.6 Mpa (6 Bar)
1800 lt/min @ 0.8 Mpa (8 Bar)
1500 lt/min @ 1.0 Mpa (10 Bar)

Summary of Features
1. Electric Fuel Injection.
2. High volume water flow.
3. The lightest model in its class.
4. Designed for smooth operation
5. The best suction performance in its class (9m)

1. Suction performance
The best suction performance in its class (9m)
2. Light Weight
3. Comfortable Operation
Front operation panel & controls designed for hassle-free operation
4. Electric Fuel Injection – EFI System
- ECU control the ideal fuel supply and optimizes spark-timing where engine-condition varies.
- Resulting better fuel economy than carburetor.
- The stable operation and smooth start are possible in the various conditions.
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