Portable Pump VF63AS-R

Tohatsu VF63AS-R

"Can be operated without operator”
(note: as a relay pump)

1.200 lt/min @ 0.6 Mpa (6 Bar)
950 lt/min @ 0.8 Mpa (8 Bar)
700 lt/min @ 1.0 Mpa (10 Bar)

Summary of Features
New VF63AS-R, Automatic relay pump comes with water pressure sensor. The sensor would be activated when priming water is coming. Then the sensor starts the engine & pump itself to discharge the same amount of water which is coming from mother pump, which means that no one is required to operate at this relay pump.
VF63AS-R would change the game in fire & emergency rescue situation.

1. Auto Relay Pump
- Safe human and transaction
- Easy, Quick & Smooth Operation
- Enhancing coverage of area
2. Auto Priming System
- Automatic Priming System
- Oil-less Rotary Vane vacuum Pump System
- Super quick priming
- Max. 9m priming height
3. Operation Panel
- Clean, Simple and Visible design
- Hassle-free operation
4. Electric Fuel Injection System
- ECU control the fuel supply and optimizes spark-timing where engine-condition varies
- Resulting better fuel economy
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