Morita MD 260


1. Overview
Main pump is a two-stage balanced centrifugal turbine pump which is composed of two impellers, guide vane, casing, and inducer. Inducer helps to prevent from cavitations.
High speed rotation of two impellers in water pump produces high water pressure which is necessary for firefighting service.

2. Pump Specification
  • Manufacture : Morita Corporation
  • Pump Model : MD260A
  • Design : Two-stage centrifugal balanced turbine pump

  • - For 3,000L discharge capacity
  • Required Rotation Speed : 2,500rpm or more
  • Required output from PTO : Not less than 110PS [75kW]
  • Required Torque from PTO : Not less than 298.6Nm
  • Performance : (Discharge volume : 4,000L/min at 10 bar)
  • *Pump has 4,000L discharge capacity. This performance will be depending on water supply/suction conditions, such as diameter of suction inlet, suction line, suction head, and so on.

    Materials :
  • Pump Casing : Bronze(CAC) or FCD with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Pump impeller : Bronze
  • Pump shaft : Stainless steel & fitted with gland
  • Pump Drive : Vehicle engine through Power Take Off of the chassis

  • 3. Priming Pump
    The priming pump fitted to the firewater pump is a robust, maintenance free piston type one with aluminum casting, and is propelled by the pump drive shaft simultaneously and transmitted by an electro-magnetic clutch.
    A single button starts the priming system and the integrated safety feature performs the disengagement automatically.
  • Model : MORITA MPDV-90
  • Type : Piston pump
  • Displacement volume : 970cc/revolution
  • Rated speed : 1,600rpm
  • Priming time : Within 29 Sec
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