NFS 640 - Unparalleled Flexibility

The NFS2-640 is ideal for mid-size applications, and easily expanded via NOTIFIER’s intelligent fire alarm network, NOTI-FIRE-NETTM, to accommodate future building expansion.
Adapts to Your Needs
The NFS2-640’s modular design maximizes flexibility and allows customization to your specific life safety needs.
And should those needs change in the future, the NFS2-640 can adapt with the addition or removal of system modules.
Adapts to Your Environment
The NFS2-640 self-optimizes each individual sensor alarm thresholds to speed response times and minimize, if not eliminate, nuisance alarms.
  • One Signaling Line Circuit (SLC), expandable to two, Style 4, 6 or 7
  • 318 devices per SLC (159 detectors and 159 modules), 636 devices per panel or network node
  • 80-character, 640-character, or displayless (network node) operator interface options
  • ONYX Intelligent Sensing - nine levels of sensitivity, drift compensation and maintenance alert, and auto detector test
  • 6.0 Amp switch mode power supply
  • Fully field programmable with 80-character display
  • Optional Integrated Digital Voice Command with eight channels of high quality digital audio and firefighter telephone on a single cable
  • Networkable with NOTI-FIRE-NETTM, High Speed NOTI-FIRE-NETTM, and ONYXWorks compatible up to 200 nodes for NFN
  • Optional IP or GSM Communicator
  • UL
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