Foam Concentrate Pump

Chemguard foam concentrate pumps areconstructed of corrosion resistant brass andstainless steel, and are designed for use withall types of fire fighting foam concentrates.The pumps are Listed by UnderwritersLaboratories as meeting the stringentrequirements of “UL 448C, the Standard forStationary, Rotary-Type, Positive-DisplacementPumps for Fire Protection Service”, and FactoryMutual Listed class 1313 and are furnishedcomplete with pressure relief valves whichalso meet the requirements of these standards.

  • Single shaft seal as opposed to dual.
  • Internal rotary gear pump
  • Fewer moving parts reduces maintenance & wear.
  • Integral relief valve port on all pump sizes to simplify installations allowing return to tank operation capability.
  • Shaft lip seal is mounted in removable gland for ease of replacement without major pump disassembly.
  • Electric motor and diesel engine drives available.
  • UL and FM tested for liquids ranging from water up to 4600 cps.
  • No special material changes for using fluoroprotein concentrates.
  • Pump shafts are supported by multiple Carbon
  • Graphite and/or Graphaloy bushings eliminating the possibility that failure of one ball bearing will result in complete pump failure.
  • To meet UL & FM Listings, pumps must be shipped to include drive motor (electric or diesel), listed controller and PRV along with certificates of flow and pressure testing.

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