Inert Gas Fire Systems

Protecting Your Microenvironment

The Firetrace Advantage
The effectiveness of a genuine Firetrace system comes from our proprietary, polymer tubing that will rupture when exposed to a flame. This specialized Firetrace Detection Tubing combines leak resistance, flexibility, durability and precise temperature sensitivity, allowing it to react quickly when the heat from a fire is present.
Our detection tubing connects to one of our custom engineered valves and a Firetrace cylinder that contains the best fire suppression agent for a particular hazard.
For Reliable Fire Protection, Be Sure You Are Installing Genuine Firetrace Systems.
Designed for simple installation, often very near the source of a potential fire, Firetrace is a self-activating suppression system that reliably suppresses fires in seconds. We provide a low maintenance, costeffective solution to the problem of “micro-environment” fire protection.
Micro-environments are applications where the hazard is typically contained within a critical enclosure, such as equipment, machines, vehicles, or storage compartments.
Firetrace systems can be installed in virtually any enclosed space where high-value assets are located or where an increased risk of fire could be mitigated by an automatic fire suppression system.
Firetrace Systems:
Are the only systems of their type to carry major listings and approvals from UL, ULC, FM, CE and more than 20 other international agencies and across multiple extinguishing agents.
- Are totally self-contained, do not require any type of outside electrical source and will remain totally operational during unexpected power outages.
- Can be designed with most commercially available agents including clean agents, foam and dry chemical, to ensure the best agent is used for an application.
- Simple design and application can normally be installed in a few hours, significantly reducing expensive labor costs.
- Feature reliable detection tubing that virtually eliminates false discharges and subsequent costly down time and expense, even in harsh environments.
- Flexible detection tubing can provide protection in difficult and hard to reach areas where other detection methods cannot be used.
- Are supported by a network of over 300 distributors worldwide to assure your system is maintained to the requirements of the manufacturer and the AHJ.
Choosing The Right Agent
Firetrace’s systems are compatible with most commercially available fire suppression agents, including:
- FM-200®
- HFC-227
- Foam
- CO2
- 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fluid
- Dry Chemical (ABC, BC, D)
- Black Widow
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