GYCD-R Hydraulic Ram

GYCD-R hydraulic jack is a regular configuration product of our company's 700bar hydraulic rescue equipment. Its design concept and performance test results are in line with NFPA and EN test standards. It has successfully passed the European Union (EN) and North American certification in the 700bar pressure test. (NFPA) Rescue Products. This product is used in conjunction with Dingli 700bar power source, and has the functions of moving obstacles, supporting objects, creating rescue channels and keeping objects stable.

GYCD-R hydraulic jacks are made of high-strength light alloy. Under the premise of light weight, the jacking force can reach 13.4 tons, and the jacking length can reach up to 772mm. They are indispensable in the rescue of vehicles, trains or ships. It is an indispensable high-efficiency rescue tool, and it must be equipped in building collapses and natural disasters.