GYKZ-S Hydraulic Speader

The GYKZ-S type expander is a regular configuration product of our company's 700bar hydraulic rescue equipment. Its design concept and performance test results are in line with NFPA and EN test standards. It has successfully passed the European Union (EN) and North American certification (NFPA) in the 700bar pressure test. It's a demolition and rescue products. This product is used in conjunction with Dingli 700bar power source, and has the functions of expansion, tearing, clamping and pulling (with traction chain), and can perform high-load rescue operations. The GYKZ-S type dilator is made of high-strength light alloy, with high reliability and good fatigue resistance performance, which prolongs the service life of the product; under the premise of light weight, the expansion force reaches 150kN, and the expansion distance reaches 645mm. Tear off the steel plate and open the rescue channel, which is the perfect combination of high strength, suitable expansion distance and light weight; the combination of two-way hydraulic lock with self-locking function and automatic reset control valve can expand to any position without retracting, high safety , the opening and closing time is short, the rescue efficiency is high, and it can be equipped with a chain for pulling operation.