Hose Recovery Unit HRU 300

The FFS Hose Recovery Unit HRU 300 (HRU) is designed for lifting high volume transfer hose into a storage container or hose pod under heavy duty conditions.

The hydraulically powered HRU makes the retrieval of hoses up to 12’’ diameter easy and safe after fire fighting operations.

The HRU is mounted on a turret which can rotate for hose recovery from each side of a truck cabin or in line with the truck over the cab. The unit can also be turned staight backwards for stowage during transport. The turret moves on rails for transverse positioning to the individal hose compartments by hand operated trapezoidal screw. This design also includes locking device for secure and fixed positioning.

Access to the operator locations is possible from each side of the truck,with integrated pull-out ladders for easy entrance with rigid steps integrated in the HRU Base. The Base serves as a safe operating plattform, ensuring full contol and optimal overview of the process. Side doors to the operator platform which fold inwards ensure additional safety for the operator.

The HRU is powered by an integrated engine which generate hydraulic power to hydraulic motor and cylinders. The engine is easy accessible through hatch covers from operateor platform, Its compartment also serves as a storage room.

Operation of the HRU is possible from both sides depening of the selected position of the HRU to the relevant hose compartment in the container or hose pod. Emergency stop button for the unit is centrally located and easily accessible.

» All-in-one package
» Safe operation platform from best overview
» Anti slip platform
» Easy access to all control parts
» Hydraulic Powered Recovery Unit
» Can operate independently
» Hydraulic movement locking in control release
» Emergency stop button for HPU
» Type : HRU 300
» Hose Diameter : Up to 12" or DN300
» Rotation : +/- 180°
» Total Weight : 1200 kg
» Belt Length from Base : 2,7 m
» Pull Force Limited to : 100 kg
» HPU Engine Type : 6hp 4 stroke petrol engine
» Start/Throttle mMethod : Recoil start, manual throttle
» Hyd. Capacity : 20l/min@95bar-12l/min@160bar
» HPU Weight : Approx. 42kg
» Fuel Tank Capacity : 4l
» Operation of Hydraulics : Manual by levers
» Operation of Turret : Manual by handles and hand crank
Other Characteristic
» Standard coating RAL 3002 red 175µ epoxy base, polyurethane top
» Adaptor bracket for vehicle chassis
Adaptation to different vehicles