Lance with Dual Nozzle

The Firexpress lance with its dual nozzle makes it possible to use two different methods of extinguishing fires. One, by spraying the fire with water micro-drops to absorb the heat, and two, by spraying a concentrated jet of foam to extinguish embers in fibrous materials and to seal burning liquids. By operating the selector handle, the firefighter can immediately change between water spraying micro-drops and a concentrated jet of foam.

With the selector handle in the forward position, a concentrated jet of low expansion foam is produced, which is highly effective on embers in fibrous materials and fires in flammable liquids. The volume can reach 150 litres per minute (pump driven units).

With the selector handle in the backward position, a long-range cloud of micro-drops is produced. The micro-drops are highly efficient on most classes of fires. The volume can reach 30 litres per minute (pump driven units).

The patented Firexpress dual nozzle produces micro-drops that are so small and light, that they will hang in the air for a relatively long time and easily are drawn into the combustion area of the fire. They are in fact so small that 1 litre of water produces a surface area of more than 100 m2. Due to the large surface of the micro-drops, they are instantly converted into steam, thereby absorbing the heat of the fire very fast.

» Maximum utilization of water
Because the micro-drops are exceptionally small, virtually all the water sprayed into a fire is used to reduce the heat of the fire
» Fast temperature knock down
Because of the instantaneous evaporation of the micro-drops, the temperature of the fire will drop immediately, even when the initial temperature of the fire is low
» Minimum use of water
Because of the highly efficient use of water, considerably less water is needed with the Firexpress systems than with other systems for extinguishing a fire
» Minimum water damage
Because virtually all the water is vaporized, there is minimal damage caused by excess use of water
» Reduced air intake
Because the evaporation process generates high pressure steam, oxygen in the surrounding air is prevented from getting to the fire
» Low pressure
Because of the design of the dual nozzle, the nozzle pressure is very low
» Minimum entrained air
Because of the low momentum of the micro-drops, virtually no entrained air is drawn into the spray, which prevents oxygen from air dragged along by the water drops from fuelling the fire
» Low recoil
Because of the low nozzle pressure virtually no recoil is experienced by the user, making it easy for the firefighter to handle the lance, even for an inexperienced person
» Safe to use on human skin
Because of the low nozzle pressure, it is safe to spray directly on humans to put out fires in clothing
» Long range
Because of the design of the nozzle, the Firexpress systems can spray up to 15 metres for microdrops and 18 metres for a jet of foam
» Breaking windows
Because of the sturdiness of the lance, it can be used to break windows and penetrate some construction materials
» Personal protection
Because of the design of the angled lance, the firefighter is able to avoid direct exposure to room fires