Mobile Pump Unit MPU 2400

The FFS designed, manufactured and tested pumps are the heart of the fire fighting system. The pumps were originally developed to withstand harsh marine environment and to deliver sea water. The MPU 2400 Mobile Pump Unit is an all-in-one package. Inside the container, our engineers were able to fit the Catepillar C32 diesel engine with all auxiliaries, the well proven SFP 300x400BH fire pump, fuel tank, hydraulic hose reels, battery, control unit, 4 x 60m hoses and main manifolds to offer “plug and play” design. From any source of sea or fresh water, this unit will deliver up to 2700 m3/h (12000 US GPM) @ 11 bar (160 psi).

The SFP fire pump series is characterized by excellent performance, durable and robust construction, light weight and compact dimensions. Our MPU 2400 is not an exception with only 15 sq.m of footprint. Each pump is pressure and performance tested in our 8000 sq.m. (85000 sq. feet) factory in Sweden, with highly qualified professionals and the latest ISO 9001 certification. Strict quality control is a part of the procedure. The diesel engine is electronically governed and turbo charged, equipped with heat exchanger cooled by an integrated system via the pump with overpressure protection. Equipped with internal muffler with side outlet. No external equipment is needed to drive this unit. The operation panel is equipped with pressure gauges for pump suction and discharge, emergency shutdown button, engine speed control.
Performance Data:
» Pump Type Booster : SFP 300x400
» Pump Type Sub : SFP 300 LP
» Nominal Flow : 2400-2700 m3/h (10500-12000 gpm)
» Nominal Pressure : 10-12 bar (145-174 psi)
» Speed : 1900 rpm
» Weight : ~14000 kg (Full fuel tank)
» Inlet Manifold : DN300 / PN10 DIN2526 Form A
» Outlet Manifold : DN300 / PN10 DIN2526 Form A
» Pump Casing : NI-Al-Bronze
» Sub-Pump Casing : Anodized aluminium
» Diesel Engine : Catepillar C32
» Starting System : 24 VDC internal battery
» Fuel Tank : 2200 Ltr (6 hours operation)
» Priming : Hydraulic operated submersible pump
» Control : Speed, alarms, protection
» Lifting Lugs : One on each corner
» Ambient Conditions : -20°C / +50°C
» Foam Pump : 1-3% ratio capacity
» All-in-one package
» Plug & play design
» Sea water resistant
» Easy access to all control parts
Other Characteristic:
» Coating RAL 3002
» Performance test acc. to ISO 9906: 2012, grade 2B
» Storage capacity up to 4 x hose carts with 15m 12" hoses
» Insulated silencer with spark arrestor
» High speed and compact winch with 30m synthetic rope
» Hatch covered controlpanel with 15" waterproof touch screen
» Variable inlet/outlet manifolds and connections
» Solar panel battery charge
» Wireless remote control, up to 3000 m
» Wireless auto speed control for multiple container operation
» Different hooklift standards
» Light mast