Monitor 1200M-JSF

The FFS designed, manufactured and tested fire water monitors were originally developed to withstand harsh marine environment and to deliver sea water. Several thousand units of these monitors are currently in operation worldwide. They are installed on various types of vessels with fire fighting capability, on trailer or container mounted units, and they are permanently installed on jetties, tank farms, industrial plants etc. By using state-of-the-art fluid dynamics software, we have designed a range of monitors with minimal internal pressure losses in combination with excellent throw characteristics. The monitors are of compact and robust design and require minimal maintenance.

Material for main castings is nickel-aluminium-bronze with superb strength and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel (AISI 316L) and composites are used for smaller components. Ball bearings for elevation and horizontal movements are made from high grade stainless steel and permanently grease filled. They are sealed from both internal water pressure and atmosphere by O-rings. Main castings and machining of parts are all done in Scandinavia. Each monitor is assembled, pressure– and function tested in our 8,000 sq. m. (85,000 sq. feet) factory in Sweden with highly qualified personnel and the latest ISO 9001 management system.

Our monitors have type approvals and certifications from a wide range of classification societies. Vertical and horizontal monitor movement is operated by internal gears with hand wheels. The mechanism for stepless shifting between jet and screen is easily and quickly operated by manual handles. Optionally, all monitors can be remotely operated by electrical motors. Flow setting and foam/powder solution is easily adjusted and altered without any tools needed Dual inlet for foam or powder injection from connected FFS Foam Proportioner system or Dry Chemical system.
Performance Data:
» Nominal Flow : 1.200 m3/h (6.000 US gpm)
» Nominal Pressure : 10 barg (145 psi)
» Rotation : 360°
» Elevation : +5° to +80°
» Weight : 180 kg
» Inlet Flange : DN200 / PN16 DIN2526 Form E
» Ingress Protection : IP56
» High quality Stainless Steel / Ni-Al Bronze materials
» Sea water compatible
» Material of hand wheels : Composite
» Moulded nitrile O-rings for sealing
» Operation : Manual by hand wheels
» Different flow settings
» Compact design
» Coating RAL 3002
» Hydrostatic test at 18 bar
» Certified FAT
» Remote electrical operation
» Continuously variable flow during operation