Monitor Trailer MT 1200L

The FFS Monitor Trailer is designed for heavy duty fire fighting. It is adapted to our well proven FFS 1200 fire monitor which is integrated to the trailer for best possible performance and safe operation. The piping system to the monitor is designed for minimum pressure loss. The TM1200 trailer with FFS1200 monitor is used for mid-sized to big-flow applications. Inlet connections on the trailer vary to fulfil all customer needs. All connections are mounted in the lowest possible position to avoid any additional lifting of hoses. Platform is made of diamond anti-slippery aluminium plates for personnel to stand on and operate the monitor.

By using state-of-the-art fluid dynamics software, we have designed a range of monitors with minimal internal pressure losses in combination with excellent throw characteristics. The monitors are of compact and robust design and require minimal maintenance. Our trailer and monitor are to be considered as one unit, with high quality sea water resistant materials used for all wetted parts and the chassis. The trailers are prepared for a regular use within EU, standardized to be pulled by a small vehicle.

Main castings, welding and machining of parts are all done in Scandinavia. Each unit is assembled, pressure- and function tested in our 8,000 sq. m. factory in Sweden with highly qualified personnel and the latest ISO 9001 management system. Vertical and horizontal monitor movement is operated by internal gears with hand wheels. The mechanism for stepless shifting between jet and screen is easily and quickly operated by manual handles. Optionally, all monitors can be remotely operated by electrical motors.
Performance Data:
» Nominal Flow : 1.200 m3/h (6.000 US gpm) 10 bar (145 psi)
» Nominal Pressure : 16 bar (232 psi)
» Design Pressure : 10 bar (145 psi)
» Rotation : 360°
» Elevation : +25° to +80°
» Ingress Protection : IP56
» Weight : 600kg
» Trailer Frame/Piping : AISI 316L
» Support Legs : 4 x static
» Drawbar : Height-adjustable
» Brakes : Mechanical
» Lights : EU-Standard
» High quality Stainless Steel / Ni-Al Bronze material
» Frame/Chassis made of AISI 316L
» Sea water and foam resistant
» Light weight and durable design
» Lowerable chassis for optimal stability
» Coating RAL 3002
» Diamond anti-slippery aluminium platform
» Height-adjustable drawbar
» Remotely controlled monitor by electric motors (possible wireless connection)
» Variety of the inlet coupling types and sizes
» Integrated toolbox
» Grip-pins for hard surface
» Steel support pads for soft surface