Otter Submersible Pump System

The Otter™ is a hydraulically powered ultra-lightweight, high-volume, composite floating submersible pumping system used for remote water supply sourcing and emergency dewatering operations. The power unit can be mounted on a vehicle or trailer with a minimum 3600 lb (1633 kg) payload and a 6.5 ft (2.0 m) or longer bed. With its standard 100 ft (30 m) hydraulic umbilical, the Otter has considerable versatility to access open water sources that a typical fire pumper or draft pump cannot reach. The Otter system’s SP2 floating submersible pump uses the latest advancements in structural composite technology to achieve an ultra-lightweight design that is physically manageable by one or two emergency responders. The Otter is well suited in supplying pressurized water to downstream apparatus, dewatering flooded infrastructure and pumping brine solutions and contaminated fluids such as chemical and oil spills.

» Portable “floating hydrant” providing reliable high-volume positive pressure water supply
» Superior corrosion-proof casing and impeller composite construction for saltwater applications
» No priming or drafting required
» Increases access to more open water sources
» Physically manageable by one or two emergency personnel
» Deployment flexibility over a wide variety of terrain
» Improved water shuttle operations by eliminating stationary draft engine, decreasing tanker/tender fill times
» Easily refueled while operating
» Power unit skid air-liftable and can be located remotely away from water source
» Uses non-toxic biodegradable hydraulic fluid