Viking OXEO Inert Gas System

The Oxeo inert gas fire extinguishing system uses either Argon (IG-01) or Nitrogen (IG-100) inert extinguishing gases that are stored in the system’s extinguishing agent container(s) until system activation. The container assembly includes a seamless steel cylinder fille with either Argon (IG-01) or Nitrogen (IG100) gas, assembled with the following components:

- Cylinder valve with burst disc, protective cylinder cap, and valve cap
- The 80L cylinder is available for both a 2901 psi and a 4351 psi pressure rating
- Cylinders are designed, manufactured, and labeled in accordance with the UN ISO-9809_2 USA for use in the United States and   Canada
- Cylinders can only be installed in the upright position
- Each cylinder is equipped with a special pressure differential valve:
   - Valve operates according to the dfferential pressure principle and has a piston and a brass housing
   - Includes a burst disc to protect from excessive pressure
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